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April 29, 2013
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MnG: Kitajima Ryota by DancingInBlue MnG: Kitajima Ryota by DancingInBlue

I said I wasn't joining anymore RP groups, but then my friend showed me this and pressured me into it... IT'S A GROUP ABOUT FREE! HOW COULD I EVEN RESIST :iconlazepoolplz:

I'm applying with ~CelestialFlare, =ZiaLiaLis, ~tickitoki, and *KnightKit I hope we can be roommates! Super excited 8D what is anatomy and where can i find it




    Name: Yo! The name's Kitajima Ryota, nice meeting you.

    Nicknames: Just Ryo is fine, but whatever works.

    Age: I'm eighteen at the moment. My birthday is on April 1st - and before you ask, yes, yes it is, haha.

    Height: Hold on a sec...  wait, that can't be right. I'm only 5'11"?!

    Weight: My sources say about 163lbs.

    Nationality: Pfft, that's an easy one. You don't need to ask.

    Year: I'm a senior; you can call me senpai! Don't worry, I'll notice you if you do. (That was a joke.)

    Level: Expert.


    Likes: You really want to know? Well, alright, I don't see why I shouldn't tell you. These are just a few things; you'll have to get to know me if you want to learn more!

      :bulletblue: Hyacinthe, Takao, and Akira, my childhood friends!

      :bulletblue: Being called senpai.

      :bulletblue: My little brother, Katsuo. He wants to be a hairstylist and used to cut my hair for me. Guess I'll have to do that myself now, eh?

      :bulletblue: Long hair, as you can see. Not easy to take care of, but I think it's worth the time.

      :bulletblue: Pangolins and red pandas. They're my favourite animals.

      :bulletblue: Pretty much anything spicy. Bring on the heat!

      :bulletblue: Goggles, because there's nothing worse than getting chlorine in your eyes. They're a lifesaver!

      :bulletblue: Studying. Yeah, you wouldn't have guessed, would ya?

      :bulletblue: Rain and thunderstorms. (I'm not even sorry Hyacinthe.)

      :bulletblue: The city. There's so much going on, and so many interesting people! Really different from where I come from.

      :bulletblue: Fireworks are great when you set them off with your friends.

      :bulletblue: Trying new things. It's fun!

    Dislikes: I should've seen this coming. Er... hah, fine. Some things might surprise you, but I hope you don't get offended. Sorry if that happens, but remember, you wanted to know. Oh, and don't tell anyone about this, got that?

      :bulletblue: First, swimming. Yeah, I'm, uh, kind of maybe afraid of water. The only reason I swim fast is because I want to get out of there as soon as possible, haha! My times are good, but my technique is really bad.

      :bulletblue: Demanding people. I can't stand guys (or girls) that try to order everyone around.

      :bulletblue: Dogs, only because they slobber all over the place.

      :bulletblue: Fish because their eyes stare into people's souls and they are just REALLY creepy. Eugh! I'd never eat them, either.

      :bulletblue: Swearing - it's just a personal preference. I feel really awkward doing it, maybe because my family keeps enforcing that we shouldn't.

      :bulletblue: Girls. I mean, I'm attracted to them, but at the same time they're so terrifying that I'd rather just avoid them completely for the time being. Have you ever witnessed a catfight? Scary stuff. I'm so glad this is an all-boys school.

      :bulletblue: Drawing (I'm really bad at it).

      :bulletblue: Bad grammar! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      :bulletblue: Traps. If you're a guy, please look like one and stop confusing me.


    Ouch, that's a tough one. I'll try my best, but you know, describing yourself is pretty hard. I've actually never thought about it before.

    Well, I'd say I'm an upbeat person and a bit of a joker. I don't think I can go a day without teasing someone, and now that I'm with Hyacinthe, Takao, and Akira again, it won't be getting any better, you can count on that! The only thing I take seriously are my studies, since I'm aiming to get at least some kind of scholarship (an academic one), but even then there are still some things I can joke about. Sometimes I can be a little naive, though.

    When I'm with people I know, I'm really talkative, but if it's with a group of complete strangers, then you can forget it - at least, until somebody else breaks the ice. There's nothing I hate more than being the odd one out, so you'll often find me going more with the flow than against it. I guess that part of me's why I end up being reckless and trying a lot of new things. No regrets, though! Gotta love the adrenaline rush.

    Trusting people is one of my weak points. I've seen so many things go wrong when people trust each other that I'm really hesitant to trust anyone myself. The only ones I do trust are my closest friends whom I've known for years, so please try to understand. Speaking of being understanding, I'm pretty understanding myself! So, if you ever want someone to talk to, I'm up for it. (That kind of contradicts what I just said about trusting people though, so if you'd rather not it's completely fine.) I might be a joker, but I'll never break a promise or go back on my word. Even I have morals, you know?

    And I think that's enough about me for now.


    Come on, aren't you getting bored of asking me questions? Why don't we go and do something else instead? No? Aw, that's no fun!

    Once upon a time, I was born and raised in the magical land of Hokkaidō. There was my mom, Haruko, my dad, Kenshin, and my younger brother, Katsuo, who's nine years younger than me and way too mature for his age. Well, I mean, they're all still here, but... Anyway. I got my fear of water when I was around four years old, when I almost drowned in a pond near our home while my dad was teaching me how to swim. Since then, I've tried to avoid swimming whenever possible. I don't think anything else significant happened before I started elementary school, so I'm gonna cheat and skip ahead a bit, if that's alright with you.

    So, elementary school. Classes were easy enough, but I had trouble getting along with a lot people because of my personality. I had to make a fool of myself just to try and fit in. Anyway, during this time I met my best friends, Hyacinthe, Takao, and Akira, who were all a year or two younger than me, but that didn't really matter. The first was kind of girly-looking and often targeted by bullies, the second was missing part of his ear (which was a pretty good conversation starter, I'll have to admit) and the third had heterochromia, which I thought was really cool, haha. Takao, Akira and I tried to help brush off the bullies, and eventually things got better. We became really close - inseparable, even - and got into a lot of funny stuff, but unfortunately everyone moved away once they hit the sixth grade. Thanks for sticking with me, you JERKS. Nah, I'm just kidding.

    Around this time, my brother came into the picture. I didn't really like him at first, and got annoyed with him crying in the middle of the night, but when he got older we became really close. I don't know how it happened, but he was suddenly inspired to become a hairstylist, and convinced me to grow my hair longer so that he could practice with it. My hair was always short before, you see, so I was reluctant to do it, but I found out later that I liked having long hair, so it all worked out.

    Fast forward to high school: I was in my sophomore year, and by some chance I heard from Hyacinthe, Takao, and Akira that they were all going to enroll in some kind of swimming high school in the city. Of course, this was the worst possible scenario for me, being afraid of water and all. I deliberated for a few months, but eventually I said screw it, and transferred over so that we could all go to the same school again. I haven't seen them for years, and there was no way I was going to miss a chance this big!

    Hyacinthe changed so much that I didn't even recognize him at first, which might have offended him, but that's alright. Takao changed too, but not as drastically. As for Akira... Well, he's only gotten more interesting, that's for sure! I think that transferring schools was the right decision to make, and I can't wait to catch up with everyone. Now all I've gotta do is get over my fear of water and try learning how to swim properly...


    Hyacinthe Lance Vieux (childhood friend): Who - Hyacinthe? Is that you? Long time no see buddy! Wait, what... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!?

    Miyazaki Takao (childhood friend): Ooh lala, nice stickers as always! They really match the colour of your, uh... hm. Also, I'm starting a petition against you cutting your own hair, sorry man.

    Okazaki Akira (childhood friend): For the love of- stop growing! If you get taller than me you're gonna crush my pride as a man!


    :bulletblue: I keep my hair tied up like this most of the time. My younger brother says to either tie it up or let him experiment with styling it, and since his experiments don't end very well, I'm choosing the former option, haha!

    :bulletblue: Apparently I've got something called "bedroom eyes?" That's what Takao keeps telling me, but I don't know what he means. This is my normal face.

    :bulletblue: Theme: [link]

Kitajima Ryota © Hyacinthe, Takao, Akira
~DancingInBlue © ~CelestialFlare, =ZiaLiaLis, ~tickitoki
#Mizu-no-Gakuen © ~Prince-Jae
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Gosh, thank you so much! :icondogdanceplz: Writing the description in character like this is really fun :'D
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